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Friday, May 8, 2009

I am being featured in three Treasuries

I am so happy to see that three great Etsians and great friends have included some of my art works in their treasuries these days. It feels sweet to occupy a little spot among so many gifted people in these treasuries. 

Special thanks to:

I am yet to crate my first treasury and I will sure think of my dear Etsy friends! after all they are exceptionally talented! in fact,  AG mode has been featured by our Spanglish Team latelly! (see my earliest post about her). 

Anyway, honestly I have been trying to make a treasury but for some reason it has not happened, but will soon, hopefully...


  1. Wow! So many beautiful treasuries! and such a great blog too! Thanks for including my treasury... you were such a welcome addition.. i've had your tumbleweed print hearted for so long now too.. :D