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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Supplies, Appliques, Flowers, Crocheted Embellishments, etc. All at This New Etsy Shop!

This is Je Adore, a new shop on Etsy! It has been a great fun time setting it up and working on the photographs and stocks! I love how it is looking so far!

Je Adore says:

"I have always been entrepreneurial. Anything that stirs up my passion to adorn makes me take any creation to the next level. I can't get enough from all kinds of resources to embellish what can possibly be. 

I love statement pieces therefore I decided to open up a shop for the creative minds and for those who want that special touch on what matters to them. 

I hope this shop would be a great source for those who look to embellish their creations and themselves with colorful elements."

Come and see what I have added and if you think I should carry something that is not currently listed?

See much more at the Shop!

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