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Monday, July 12, 2010

Knitting, Needlework, Sewing Shop Banner Sets for Etsy! New, Fresh, ready to go

Finally! I have been working on these 8 designs for quite a while and this weekend I finally made it to get these babies listed at my Etsy shop! 

Item Description: Etsy Shop Banner sets with Knitting themes that shows the Handmade quality of your crafted items. 

Do your feel like your hands are working hard to present a great product to your customers? Then, these delicate but hardworking hands will well represent you as well.

Elegant and sophisticated, yet simple and down to earth were keywords in the making of these designs, which were made from the ground up. 

I Used layers of handpicked images: Vintage, Medieval, old fashion, Classic, etc, then I enhanced them with a touch of digital work to embrace the idea of Needlework and sawing made by hand. Therefore, the concept of the Handmade quality is well represented here.

If your shop is full of beautiful items, handmade, and delicately crafted, then your shop deserves to be represented by any of these banner sets. This listing carries a great collection of One of a Kind banner sets that I am so proud to finally present to you. I dedicated days into this batch of designs working each of them, individually, with a great sense of detail. No design is eve sold twice with me. 


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