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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Niños de la Finca (The children from the Ranch)

I just wanted to share this image taken on my last trip back home in Central America, El Salvador. 

These boys are the boys from "La Finca". In Spanish "Finca" means a large farm or ranch in Spanish Ameria. My dad enjoys this place like no other. By the way, these kids are all brothers and there are three sisters. 

This is the typical lifestyle kids living in the country side have. They enjoy simple activities, like running around the land and playing with little rocks and make their own play games with them. They live in this "Finca" which is a pretty much self sustained place where fruits, chickens, cows, vegetables, even coffee plantations are grown.

Their parents are in charge of the maintenance and security of the ranch, they are kind of like housekeepers and feel like it's their home. They have extended family members living around the land, such as,  grandparents, uncles, and cousins. It's like a little community made within the family, very cool.

I love this family, they are very sweet, nurturing, polite and hospitable and the boys looooove to pose for the camera. The boy in the back with the yellow and blue shirt, is the most talkative of all, he loves to tell stories about his adventures around "la finca". 

Look at their teeth, very well aligned!  I was so impressed the first time I noticed their dental patterns and how lucky they are to have such great smiles and healthy teeth, and they don't go to dentists or have special care as some o us do. They just come naturally!  It's hard not to smile after seeing this pic, and that's what I love the most in this particular scene; the sense of happiness transmitted through these innocent smiles.  So captivating.

I have not printed this image yet, but will soon, along with some other.

This image has been enhanced with a digital painting technique by me and can be printed on canvas or fine art paper.

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