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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Turtles at the Lake

This one is for these precious turtles I come to see at the lake every time I go on long strolls with my son. 

These image was captured a little after 4 turtles were happily sunbathing at the Lake. 
I had always tried to photograph these amazing creatures but had no luck. These guys are so shy! Extremely shy, I would say. 

One morning I got to the lake and encounter the surprising scene. I said to myself,  this is the time to finally get these guys in a shot! So, I silently approached the four turtles, and splashhhhhhhh..... two of them had just jumped into the water, but as soon as I realized that my plan was a bout to fade.... Click! I managed to get the remaining two in a pic! He he he... It was a great day! I finally had these great turtles in my camera. Right after I took the shot, the remaining two joined their fellows jumping into the lake.  

The moment of capturing these babies had a great deal of excitement and stamina that was going through me, it all lasted about 10 seconds... So fast that I couldn't even blink my eyes. They were teary afterwards from the dryness caused by the non-blinking.

After all that sweet hassle I love how this image turned out. The turtles look like if they were actually posing for the camera!    flawless as they can be. He he he... Great times.

I then did some digital watercolor painting to the image to add that contemporary painting look. 

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If you want to be directed to these marvelous turtles click here.




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