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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pathway to Opportunity

For all those people who have lost their jobs, valuable assets and are going through hard times, this one is for you.

Not so long a go, I learned that all you have materially can be easily lost in a heart bit, and regained in a heart bit as well. I've seen jobs and assets losses around the clock and on the news.

My father always says, anybody or any circumstance can take away what you have build with your hands any time, as unfair as it may sound, it happens in reality. The question is, How do you coupe with the loss? Wether is a house, a job, a family business, an asset, money, etc....

For me is with my Faith and with my gifts (skills).

You can lose everything, you can be left alone, you can be taken away from the things you have worked so much for.  Then, it comes the feeling of hopelessness.

So, my father continues saying that the one thing that nobody nor any circumstance can take away is your skills, your gifts,  or if you have one, your career. 

Thank God! I always say, because there must be something that should keep us going despite the ups and downs of life. Now, that along won't make the magic... because as you may know, jobs are hard to get these days.... so, what do you do when you have a career or a skill that you are not currently using in a company set?  

Add, creativity to it!
Be creative!

This can be a Pathway to new opportunities!

In these days, your creativity may save you from loosing your way out. Career alone or skill alone might not be enough.... So I will also add: Creativity to my  plan to coupe with these day's reality.

Wether it is a crazy idea, a unusual way of doing things, a switch on conventional settings, a new way of rearranging life, etc... it all can work... if you are willing to take the chance.

I am just reacting on what I've been exposed these days and how people around the world is responding to all of the mess of the economy's  fall down.

Keep the faith, keep the creativity.

The image featured in this post is a photograph taken in the beautiful hiking areas of Irvine, CA. In collaboration with my husband, this image was captured at the perfect time and perfect place. is one of the most inspirational images I've ever been moved by. It inspires freedom, it inspires life and purpose.

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