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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Latin Spice Carried through Jewelry

Today this post is dedicated to my Jewelry Designs. 

I want to start by saying that I come from the river... as my husband usually says, he he he. He means, I come from El Salvador, in Central America. He actually had been there before we even met. I thought that that was funny and cool at the same time. He actually would love to retire there some day and live near by a place with rives, beaches, trees, and simple life type of place, which is the kind of places he remembers the most from his first trip years ago. He enjoys the tropical weather and the simplicity of life. He's caucasian, and I think we both have a great chemistry partly for being from two different worlds. 

Anyways, In my jewelry I tend to carry my Latin Spice. And my latest jewelry addition to my shop is kind of what I am talking about. 

I love nature, and simple materials. Not so complicated nor extra saturated. Although, I do like complexity on many things, I tend to start first with a simple approach, then I would move forward with more details as each piece allows me to. 

I am very open to a variety of style avenues in jewelry, I like the glamorous approaches as much as the simple earthy ones, but for personal use I always choose the earthy ones. 

The beads I use for my jewelry are made out of different materials, such as, glass, wood, resin, sea shell, bone, swarovski crystals, and metal. Many of these beads have been purchased from artisans from my homeland. I think it's important that if one has the chance to get materials from a needy source, in this case being the artisans from back home,  it's good to help. The money they get out of the sells of these goodies is used to support their families. In many cases, this is the only source of income they have, so hey, it feels good to support the artisans in need and help them make a living.
The item I am featuring today is this chic pair of earrings, I call "Leafy earrings" I looooove the leopard print on these beads, although these beads are not from my home land, I am sure they come from some other native source, telling from the nature of artistry of each bead, which, by the way are made out of natural wood then hand tinted with black dots in the front and black strips in the sides. Really nice. They're accompanied by a leaf charm for that natural and forest feel.  Not each leopard bead is the same, they have been made individually and that's one of the things I love about these series. I have another pair of earrings in similar design and also a bracelet that can definitely make a match for a complete set. I am actually working on the necklace, so I will be adding it to my shop soon. I decided to use transparent glass beads to complete each piece not to add any distraction but to embrace the wooden bead with each leaf.

To check out my shop and to see more details on this items and other, click on the "My Etsy Shop" square icon after you scroll all the way down this blog, you'll find it on your bottom left side. Actually, to make it more convenience for you, just click on this link which will take you directly to these tropical earrings: "Leafy Earrings" 

This is all for now, I hope I get any feed back from you. --Yes-- you---  who just read this post. :)

Have a great day,

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