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Tuesday, March 24, 2009



I just want to share a little bit about some of the projects that I've been working for quite a while. 
Let me give you a little bit of an intro overview before I get to the point:
Not so long ago, My husband our baby and I were driving through a Rd that was very close to the Fire we had last year. For those who might not remember, last year there were a series of fires all over California... specially in the So Cal. I live close to the Foothill Ranch area of Orange County where one fire took place. Anyways, so when we were driving we saw all the remains of the fire and how the damage of it affected a lot of the trees and plants of the region. 

Due to the dryness and all the dust and ashes all over, some plants just died and some other were burnt out at the fire. 

As I started to check the view along the way, I then, saw some tumbleweeds wondering around the side of the road... I said to my husband, "baby... I love those tumbleweeds, I have always had this fascination for them". Then he said he liked them as well, and continue on our way. Then, the thought of tumbleweeds remained in my mind for the rest of the day, further more, I wanted to own one so bad _ but I did not want to confess this to anybody because they would think I was crazy cucu. Besides, I also thought to myself that I could do some interesting things with them. I actually hadn't seen any tumbleweed up close before.

I had always seen them on those cowboy movies and stuff and I loved how they roll and tumble all around. __ It was my chance to finally see one up close. Although I am not sure about what really can be officially called a tumbleweed,  the ones I saw look pretty much like the ones I had seen in movies, but I am sure there are several plants and trees from where these cute tumbleweeds can emerge from.

So next day, I convinced my husband to go back to that place so I could trap__ better said, so I I could adopt some of these Tumbleweeds. My husband was a little reluctant about my idea, actually, he was not into my idea. But he is such a great husband and so supportive that he always ends up being part of my adventures. So I put on my boots and got really excited_ took our baby with us (as always). As we got there, it was sooooooo funny, because I wanted to get just a small tumbleweed (maybe two), but I kept asking my husband several times to stop at the side of the Rd every time I saw a small, that way I could get out of the car and check it out. He kept saying, "it's dangerous" , "be careful" I was literarily in the side of the road, walking and checking each tumbleweed, I wonder what the drivers passing us were thinking of me as they saw me walking around. There was not side walk, as the road was one of those long roads that connect cities separated by hills and are not used to waking. I even encounter some little mouse or the like among the bushes.

Anyways, after about 5 stops (maybe more), I kind of found a couple of good ones and ended up getting them_ a medium one and a small one, don't ask me how I carried them... that's another story. 

Although these tumbleweeds were not the best I've seen as they were kind of damaged and kind of falling apart, the fact that my dream of finally observing a tumbleweed from up close was happening, just melted me inside_it was not a dream anymore_. I had actually rescued two tumbleweeds! I was thrilled! I guess my husband did not really see the 'melted me inside' part since I tend not to be so corny about things some times, specially when they are kind of silly.  

As I got home (safely, thank God) and pet them and saw them up close, I realized that they must have gone through so much to end up like that, dry and bit up, probably because of  the fire. But even if it wasn't the fire, I also realize that the process of life of tumbleweeds is a simply part of a natural cycle due to their habitat and individual nature, and that the remains of what was once green, robust and "live", are nothing but beautiful creations of nature with a story to tell that brings them back to life.

 They might not be the sturdiest tumbleweeds as I said earlier, they were kind of falling apart, but they're amazing to me, period. Because of them, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Not only for the fact that I finally fulfilled my dream (with the help of my adorable husband and our baby's support) to finally have them and see them up close, but for the fact that I knew that something bigger was going to come up out of that tumbleweed adventure day. 

Indeed, this tumbleweed experience got me started on the development of a new series of storytelling works  in form of illustrations_ of course, all inspired by my beloved rescued tumbleweeds. My illustrations will tell stories of all of the different trials these tumbleweeds have to go through on their journey of life. Which, curiously translates to what we humans are all about as well. 

I personally, think of myself as being a tumbleweed, - Oh, here I go again - You must think I'm too silly - Well, I was referring to a mere metaphoric way to say that we tumble through life as well as them. 

The illustration featured in this posting is Titled "Tumbleweed Love" It's one of the first illustrations of the series. 

These adorable tumbleweeds are holding on each other. They know that loneliness and confusion can be dangerous if one is alone in an uncertain time of life. The desert is a place where things seem not so clear_ it's dry and there's not refreshments_  The bible compares our testing times of life to being in a desert. You don't have a safe place to hide as the sand storm arrives; it tumbles you around . There's not visible door to go to.... Luckily, these tumbleweeds are blessed to have each other and to have the protection of God at times we might not even feel his presence. The tough journey will then be easier because they have one another and their glowing hearts are facing God with hope for better times and to feed each other's spirit with love...  ... ... ... See more of this illustration at my shop (read below).

Keep in touch and check back soon, as you may see more tumbleweed stories to be told. 

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Thanks for reading, my fellow tumbleweeds.... This one came out long.


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  1. Your story made me love your tumbleweeds, too. I've only seen them a couple of times in real life and I was pretty thrilled by it. I'm glad you adopted them!